July 7th excitement

What a nice cool evening for some race action.

Awesome to see so many of our friends from the other tracks, come over to put down the power and make every moto action packed.

Big shout out to our volunteers, especially all you new parents who jumped in to fill the voids. You all did Great! Bruce, you did a super job on the mic.
Thank you tremendously for filling the gap there and keeping the crowd entertained.

With mains in 5 novice, 7 novice 12 Intermediate and mens cruiser, we were treated to some bar to bar racing at the end of the evening.
Congratulations to Jason Wesson on grabbing the Cruiser 'A' main win, with a hard charging Monroe following right on his heels.
Christopher Bajada just edging out Oscar Engel in 5 Novice, Logan Johnson grabbing the win from Roman Peregrym in 7 Novice and Violet Cejalvo making the pass in 3rd straight and edging out Isaac Drotar.

Thank you to all the riders, parents, friends and volunteers who make Ridge such a fantastic venue for all week in, week out.

Photos courtesy of Andy MacDonald.
Results and track points are posted on the website.

BC Championships and BC Cup #5 at Action BMX this weekend July 11th and 12th. Pre-sign online until Midnight July 8th or sign up in person at Action BMX.