Track Attack Success - June 23rd

Incredible night for hosting a Double Point Track Attack Race.

Great turnout with 113 riders, showing up to chase down the Track Attack Leaders.
With school out by next week, there is bound to be another great turnout of riders for an exciting night of action.

JW took the wins in each lap to take the Overall cruiser main title, as he continues his training for Worlds next month.
The young guns of Aidan MacDonald, Connor McCormick and Lukas Ferguson, don't make it easy though.

Brady Howlett continues on his winning streak in 11 Intermediate, and is counting down single digits for his move up to Expert very soon.
Younger Sister Kamryn was narrowly beaten by Natasha Miller, another up and coming rider.

Lief Rodgers was on the gas from end to end in 12 Intermediate, showing his talent in one of the many disciplines of cycling he races.

In 12 novice male, Kaelen Coles Lyster and thomas Way battled wheel to wheel around the track each moto, helping keep the excitement level up.
Kaelen is another rider who enjoys multiple disciplines of cycling. Watch for her climbing the ranks over the next few years.

Jack 'Attack' MacQuarrie kept his win streak alive, and hangs on to the #1 track Attack plate longer, as he builds up his lead.

Congratulations to our newest move up riders.
Sebastian Chalmers-Owega to Expert and Jaedyn Cobban to Intermediate. All your hard work has paid off boys. 

Thank you to the Volunteers tonight. Great to see some new faces filling in the gaps out there so we can all enjoy the racing.
Thank you to the photographers for capturing the memories of the evening.

Still time to register online for BC Cup #3 and #4 this weekend in Abbotsford. On-Line registration closes at 12 midnight, but you may also register in person at Abbotsford BMX.
If you can't make it this weekend, find a lake, or pool, stay cool and we will see you Monday for coaching and practice.

Points, and photos are updated on the website.