May 19th Scorcher

What an incredible evening for Racing.
The HEAT was out in full force on the track and in the sky.
Little slower evening with some families extending their holidays with the PRO-D days and sunsine out, but we still had a great turnout.

The Ladies cruiser class is continuing to pull in a full gate, and these ladies are fiesty. Battling hard down each straight, and sharing recipes at the finish line.
Mens cruiser saw Curtis Jensen imagining he had his dirt bike beneath him and rocketing from the gate to the finish line uncontested. Jason Wesson managed to bull back in and keep Lukas Fergusen and Grant Brereton-Stiles out of the 2 spot.
Natasha Miller and Kamryn Howlett continue to get to the top of the Podium in their respective girl classes, Brody Lynd and Cooper James continue their domination of their classes. Brody Lynd looks to be moving on up to 7 Intermediate, to offer a challenge to those boys, Cooper won't be far from heading to 6 Intermediate either.  The youngest Horstman brother Carter, continues to lead the 9 novices continuing with his goal of making Intermediate really soon. Must be something in the Howlett genes, Brady Howlett took all 3 motos in 11 Intermediate. He has been on a streak lately and has his sights set on Expert status.

Congratulations to Reid Messier on the Move up to Intermediate.

THANK YOU to all our volunteers for jumping in and helping us out. With out your willingness to help us fill these positions none of us would be able to enjoy the sport WE ALL LOVE!

Results and Track points are Posted.

Coaching and Practice Monday May 25th and Racing May 26th.
See you all there.