May 11th - Concussion Awareness and Testing

On May 11th Ridge Meadows BMX will be hosting a clinic by Golden Ears Physio Therapy for Information on Concussions and Helmet Safety addressed.
More information can be found at

Baseline testing sessions will be held on a few specific dates at one of Golden Ears clinics.
Baseline Testing Costs organized for the club will be set at
$60 (12 and under athletes)  regular $100
$70 (13 and over athletes)  regular $110
To get the reduced rate, we must attend on the key dates they specify, or organize ourselves in a minimum group of 5 at a time.
Unfortunately the mobile testing was not a possibility due to the loud nature of the outdoor track facility.

Baseline tests are billable under extended health benefits for those families that have Physiotherapy coverage.
The additional $10 fee for 13 and over though is not billable under Physiotherapy services and is a 'product fee' for the additional computer test.