Inter / Expert Coaching July 28th

We have Intermediate / Expert closed session coaching from 5:15 to 6:30pm tonight and Open Gate practice from 6:30 to 8pm for all riders - new comers most welcome.
It will be extremely HOT this evening so please bring plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and find ahde when not on the track.

See you out there!

BC Champs and BC Cup Weekend

First off thank you to all our volunteers this weekend. Without all of your great assistance helping us out on the mic, on the gate, Staging, Finish line, Corners, 50/50 sales, cleanup and teardown this weekend would not have gone as smoothly as it did.
Next, we would like to thank all the riders for putting in such a tremendous effort out on the track.  The BC Championship Race is held to determine the top riders in each age class and the racing did not disappoint. Riders were swapping positions all the way around the track. The BC Cup race held today is the next level up from Local racing and the riders again put down some hot laps - literally, it was HOT out there. 

Thank you to all the riders/family, and friends who made it out from the tracks in the Interior and on the Island. Always nice see you.

Looking forward to seeing all the riders again in Abbotsford on the September long weekend.

Intermediate / Expert coached session Monday July 28th, 5:15pm to 6:30pm. Open gate practice 6:30 to 8pm.

Sunday August 10th - Ladies Only & Co-Ed Clinics!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,  young and old, 
If you have been riding the bench for hours, watching your child have fun and thinking wow, I wish I could get out there too, this is your opportunity to further fall in love with the sport.

Laurie Harding of YESS BMX, is ready to school you, we mean instruct you, in a few clinics Sunday August 10th.

We will have a Ladies Only session from 9am to 11:00am, and a Co-ed Session from 12pm to 3pm. Ladies, you may participate in both sessions. Sorry guys, only the Co-ed session for you, no matter how often you get your legs waxed at Phazes.

All riders interested to learn some skills to navigate a bike around the track are encouraged to come to these supportive clinics. There will be only encouragement as you gain insightful advice that you can use to further progress yourself or to have a better understanding of what your rider goes through on the track.

During the Co-Ed session, Laurie will expand on skills taught earlier in the day.  There will be more emphasis on gates, corners, pumping, riding position and how to have a fun time on the track.

Cost will be $10 and we will have one day waivers available, to those without a Licence.
Previous first time participants we encourage you to purchase a Citizen Race licence for $22.50, which will give you access to Abbotsford BMX, Action BMX, North Shore BMX, Ridge meadows BMX and of course Abbotsford Indoor during the cold wet Fall.

We have 2 loaner Cruisers and a Pro 20” BMX available on a first come basis as well as plenty of safety gear. Riders are asked to wear a long sleeved shirt and full length pants, or shorts with leg armour and bring plenty of water.

We can likely borrow or find a few other bikes if there is the demand.
Lauire would like to limit the numbers to give you the most hands on opportunity, so please register early.

Email message to      info  at 

Future Adult Male and Female Clinics will be hosted during August and September, and are also available at some of the other local tracks.

While this clinic is on a Sunday, perhaps riders would like to organize themselves a pot-luck lunch between the sessions, to sit around, hydrate and socialize.
Sprinklers, pump track and frisbees will be available to entertain the children.

Hope we see you out here.

July 22nd Racing!

Another Golden Evening of racing at Ridge. Nice to see such a large turnout, with 113 riders and 21 half trackers.
So many new bodies out on bikes racing last night.  Hope they all stopped by the moto shed for their trophies and stickers.

Congratulations to Gavin Baron, our newest Intermediate Racer. Gavin has rode hard to join his buddies.

We are always looking for volunteers and a few of our executive are away so we will need many more this weekend.   We are looking for Grill operator, 50/50 sales, Corners, staging, Finish Line, Track watering, gate setup, gate operator and much more. You probably see us running around, and if you can spare a few moments of your time we will be greatly appreciative.

For the BC Champs and BC Cup races this weekend, you can pre-register online from Cycling BC before 11:59pm July 23rd and save yourself $5 and the hassle of standing inline Saturday or Sunday mornings. This weekend will be a great opportunity to race some riders from around the province, and have some fun socializing with them, at or away from the track.

We will have some vendors out this weekend, such as Maple Ridge Cycle, Maple Ridge Motorsports and CBS.
They all will have some great merchandise on display and on sale.

There is still some time to register for the Sprokets and Rockets training clinic at Ridge this Friday.
For registration email riders name & age to
Cost is $25 or free to Development  team members.
Sprockets (11 and under as of Dec 31st) 10am to 2pm Friday July 25th
Rockets (12 to 14 as of Dec 31st) 3pm to 6pm Friday July 25th

July 21st Coaching and More!

We have our ladies being coached by Laurie Harding of YESS from 4pm to 5:30pm today. This is closed to the Ladies who have pre-signed. Please arrive a few minutes early so we can get you signed in and suited up.
We have our Beginner / Novice Coached session tonight from 5:15 to 6:30pm with coaches Corey Walsh and Mischa Partridge. Come on out and absorb some skills from these guys.Please arrive early to sign in and be ready to go at 5:30pm. Cost per rider is $5 per session.The track is closed to all riders during this time. But you may use the pump track.Open gate practice 6:30 to 8pm. Come on out and get your skills dialled in for this weekends racing.

Bike maintenance session with Maple Ridge Cycle at 5:30pm tonight at the track.
It's going to be a busy place around here!

BC Championships and BC Cup #7 - July 26th and 27th

2014 BC Championships and BC Cup #7 we would like to see a great turnout of Ridge Riders racing for the #1 spots.

BC Championships is a one day event run under UCI age group rules. All riders will run under their age with no proficiency levels to earn the coveted BC 1 number plate to run until the 2015 BC Championships.
BC Cup #7 run on Sunday is a continuation of the BC Cup series. Races are run similar to Local racing. Trophy of the day awarded.

Register on-line prior to 11:59pm July 23rd to save a few dollars.

The BC Championship is a one-day event held to decide the BC Champion in each age group. Riders are seeded based on their age and not on their ability. The event is run according to the UCI classes.  The BC Championships is the highest ranking BMX event in BC.

The 2014 BC Championships will be held at the Ridge Meadows BMX track in Pitt Meadows, BC on Saturday July 26th with BC Cup #7 on Sunday July 27th.

Each rider entry will receive a cool BC Championship T-shirt.  All athletes making the final in each age group will receive a BC Championship plate (BC 1 to 8 ) to use until the 2015 BC Championships.

Team Competition: 

The BC Championship will play host to a special club vs club team competition.

▪   The competition will have clubs compete against each other to crown the best club in BC

▪   The competition will follow the regular team rules

▪   Any BMX club in BC can enter a team

▪   Each club can enter up to 5 teams.


In the spirit of competition to make this a true BC Championship, the event is open to all residents of BC.  Any athletes without a Cycling BC license can race the weekend events but must purchase a $10 one-event waiver.

Cycling BC Provincial and Development teams:

The BC Championships is one of the most important qualification events for Cycling BC’s Provincial, Youth & Junior Development teams.

Cycling BC recognizes the importance of developing athletes and helping them bloom into tomorrow’s champions.  We offer a range of team programs starting with our Youth Development Team for athletes (11 & under).  As the athletes mature they move to the Junior Development Team (12 to 14 years of age) and on to the Provincial Team (15, 16, Junior and Elite athletes).

The BC Championships always provides a lot of excitement with finals in many of the classes and very exciting age group racing.  This is a great event for Novice and Intermediate athletes to compete against the best Expert athletes in their age group.  Ridge Meadows BMX is set to host a wonderful event.  It’s going to be a great day of racing, followed by the award ceremony.

Come race the best at the BC BMX Championships!


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