Thank you to all of our Donaters and Future Donators for accepting the challenge to beat ACTION BMX in the #alsicebucketchallenge.  We have surpassed them and will continue to collect for this great cause tonight.  Love This Track!
We nominate North Shore BMX.

August 25th Coaching

We have Beginner and Novice coaching tonight from 5:15pm to 6:30pm. Get some great instruction in prior to this weekends BC Cup #8 and BC Cup Finals at Abbotsford BMX.
Coaching cost is $5 per session or use your pre-paid card.

Action BMX has challenged the track for the #alsicebucketchallenge.  They raised $185 and we aim to beat that. Please bring a bucket, swim trunks and your donation for tonight.

Open Gate Practice runs from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

August 19th Blast.

What a fun Night out there with 104 riders and 21 half trackers. Nice to see a few kamloops riders out, and several from Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford.
With the summer light coming to an end we were able to race under the lights.
There were some reall AMAZING races going down last night. The girls classes continue to grow and we had another full rack of 8 women in the cruiser class.
In the old guy open, 20 men showed up to put the speed and skills to test. Nico and Jason had an incredible battle down all 4 straights in the 'A' main, with Nico just edging out Jason at the line. There was a plenty of place swapping in this moto with these 8 all having the speed to get it done.
Rory Ennis was carrying a little extra weight with all the dirt he collected in the semi-final, but that didn't slow him down from taking the 'B' main win.
'C' main winner Jay Sinclair was happy to make it around the track without Ken Nunes bumping him, though he took Ken in spirit for a ride on his back.

Payton Elliott took the  6 and under Female Novice win, while Bryn Harvey grabbed the 9 Novice Female, and sisters Elana Knight and Shay Knight snagging wins in 7 Female novice and 10 Expert girls.

Big shout out to all The North Shore riders for making the venture out every week, and most importantly last night for grabbing so many of the volunteer positions around the track. We appreciate your help immensely.  Parents, please consider volunteering some of your time. We need volunteers to maintain the track and most importantly to aid us in running the weekly races. No experience is necessary and we can always use help with corners, staging, finish line, 50/50 sales, concession, gate operation, track watering, grass trimming, weed pulling, rock grabbing and on it goes.

We are coming up to our race cut off date for year end prizes. Cut off date will be our September 2nd race. make sure you come out the next 2 weeks to grab those races.
Our AGM will be scheduled during the race break Tuesday September 23rd. If we are weathered out we will try the 30th, then barring that at the Year End wrap party, date forthcoming soon.

Big shout out to all of our tremendous sponsors this year who have really helped us out.

Meadow Ridge Rotary
Accent Glass and Locksmith
Christine Baron Law
Big Valley Heating and Sheet Metal
Phazes Tanning and Hair Salon
Jed Excavating
Boardwalk Contracting
Westcoast Collision
Valleyside Landscaping
Maple Ridge Cycle
Urban Menace / GHP Canada
Local Ride race team
NB2 Creative

Please Keep these companies in mind when looking for anything local and mention you found them at the track.

BC Cup /8 and BC Cup Finals are at Abbotsford August 30th and 31st. Don`t forget to presign and save some money.

August 12 Race Night

It was sure hot and humid last night but that didn’t stop 98 full track riders and 14 half trackers from battling right to the finish and keeping the ladies on the finish line on their toes.

 A highlight of the night was the ladies cruiser class. After a very successful weekend clinic hosted by Laurie Harding, we had 11 ladies working hard to earn a spot in the main. Laurie with the win and some great battles going on behind her, the ladies are getting braver by the week and are shoulder to shoulder in the corners.

The men’s cruiser class was stacked ! Birthday boy, Grant Brereton-Stiles was hoping that the rest of the guys would move over and give him the win but that didn’t work out for him. It was Chris Macrae at the line with Brandyn Stewart right on his heels after unclipping twice and then weaving his way through the pack. In the B Main it was Erin Kinnie with the win despite JP Baron’s best efforts to catch her on the last straight.

One of the most exciting motos to watch last night was the combined 11 and 12 Expert classes. Jackson Juriga had enough power off the gate to get him safely out front with Violet and Diego in hot pursuit. Zach Collins was on the gas the whole time and managed a second in the final moto. Chayce Cooper and Matt Stewart were bar to bar the whole time, which didn’t end well for Chayce in the second moto, but she dusted herself off and was back for the third.

Thanks to all the volunteers that stepped up to pull off another in a long line of successful races, without your help these fun filled nights wouldn’t happen.

Results, track points and pictures are now loaded on the web site.  

August 5th 2014 Race Day

What a great night for our Trophy racing.

Nice turnout of riders, capping out at 102 and another 19 half trackers. This is great considering we are in the midst of a heat spell and summer vacations. Thank you all for coming to visit our little piece of paradise on Tuesday nights and bringing out your "A" game.
Some really nice battles out there and a few tight finishes. Sure glad we have 3 finish line ladies to make those difficult calls.

Congratulations Xavier Murray on joining the Intermediate ranks.

Thank you to all our volunteers for jumping in and helping us out at the track last night. Greatly appreciated by everyone. You are the backbone of the track as without your assistance we couldn't run these events.

Photos are loaded and results updated.

Monday August 11th we have a Beginner / Novice coached session from 5:15 to 6:30pm.  Open gate practice 6:30 to 8pm.

Registration is open for BC Cup #8 and BC Cup Finals in Abbotsford August 30th and 31st.


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